Book cover

White Ibis

Male Anhinga

Anhinga chicks

Great Egret in breeding plumage

Great Egret feeding chicks

Roseate Spoonbill with chicks

Sandhill Cranes with colt

Wood Storks at sunrise

Brown Pelicans

Barred Owls

Purple Gallinule


A book of visual poetry and love of birds. Fequiere Vilsaint, publisher

Photographs and text by Carole Devillers
Published by Educa Vision Inc. (Coconut Creek, Florida)
Hard cover photo book - 100 pages
Price: $ $30.00

"Glimpses of... ICONIC BIRDS OF FLORIDA" gives you a peek into the intimate life of these awesome creatures we call birds. Photographer/Author Carole Devillers spent hundreds of hours over the last two years, scouting about for nesting sites, observing the lives of avian families with a patient enthusiasm that soon developed into a deep love for birds.

This photo book is her personal account of all those hours spent in the wild and urban areas of Florida. The birds presented here are iconic in the sense that they are widely recognized and well-established.

This book is not a birding guide. Neither is it a scientific book about birds. But if you've ever wished to see how birds behave during the breeding and nesting season, with what care and patience they tend to their young, how they teach them to fly, then this book is for you. This important aspect of a bird's life is depicted in many of the photographs, providing an intimate insight into the art of avian parenting. In addition, artistic bird portraits and poses will delight bird lovers.


Photographer, writer, explorer, caver, lecturer, adventurer, tour leader, translator, Carole Devillers has more than one string to her bow. Before turning her lens onto birds, she had been on mission to photograph caves in Haiti, co-creating a program of exploration and promotion of the caves of Haiti, and was Reuters News Pictures's resident photojournalist in Haiti for ten years, covering the political unrest during which she was shot at and had film confiscated.

She has traveled to remote corners of the world, living with diverse tribes and people in West Africa, with Amazon Indians in French Guiana, and with Haitian voodoo pilgrims on their purification pilgrimages, all recorded in her articles for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine. She is the author of several children's books and has been published internationally.

For the past ten years she has been organizing and leading photo tours to India, France and USA for photo enthusiasts. These trips can be seen at EXPEDITIONS. In addition, she now focuses her lens on birds with the same passion and enthusiasm she has for world cultures.

Carole is represented in the book "Women photographers at National Geographic". She lives in Tampa, Florida and is a member of the Tampa Audubon Society (birding) and Tampa Bay Area Grotto (caving).

LOOK INSIDE, photos at left, in order of presentation:

- Snowy Egret in breeding plumage (cover)
- White Ibis
- Male Anhinga in breeding plumage
- Anhinga chicks
- Great Egret in breeding plumage
- Great Egret regurgitating fish to its chicks
- Roseate Spoonbill with nestlings
- A pair of Sandhill Cranes walking with their little colt (chick)
- A pair of Wood Storks at sunrise
- An adult Brown Pelican shows juveniles how to fish
- Barred Owl and young
- Purple Gallinule


"Ms Devillers' insightful commentary coupled with her handsome photography provide an engaging introduction to birds that accurately captures unique and intelligent behavioral interpretations. This book is fun to read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about waterbirds in Florida."
Ann Paul, Regional Coordinator, Coastal Islands Sanctuaries, Audubon Florida (Tampa Bay Area, FL).

"Those familiar with Carole Devillers' remarkable work will be delighted with her recently published "Glimpses of Iconic Birds of Florida". And those seeing the world for the first time through Devillers' eyes will immediately understand why this photographer, writer, and explorer has such an enthusiastic and appreciative following. It is because she has taken us to some of the earth's most extraordinary, beautiful, and enchanting places and has given us the gift of discovering what we would have been immeasurably poorer for having missed.
It is Devillers' unusual approach to her work that gives her, and then us, entrance into the world of real and mysterious life on this planet. Devillers' method is equal parts painstaking preparation and patience, whether that preparation has included training by rappelling down the side of a skyscraper to be able to rappel into caves in Haiti, or taking the time to show respect by living with and learning from West African tribesmen and Amazon Indians before beginning her work, or, in the case of Glimpses, spending two years befriending and being befriended by members of Florida's diverse and captivating avian community. As Devillers quotes Hafiz in her book: "I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, 'Love lifts me'." In the same way, Devillers' love of the natural world continues to lift us."

Susan Shay, arts writer (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

A magical book!
"My 94 year old mother-in-law lives with us. It is a real challenge to engage her in anything. I have found that reading to her is the best. However, finding a book that she can both follow and find interesting has been difficult. Recently, we began reading ICONIC BIRDS OF FLORIDA by Carole Devillers. What a god-send! The photographs are stunning so my mother-in-law enjoys looking at them and the descriptions of the birds are both charming and informative. We are actually able to chat about what we see and what I read to her - which is highly unusual and definitely a blessing. Thank you, Ms. Devillers, for this magical book! "
Elaine Ranieri (St. Petersburg, FL)

An incredible book!
"This is an incredible book! Not only because the pictures are beautiful and the text very interesting, but by the feeling, when we turn the pages, of the magnificence of God's creation in those birds!"
Flora Eder (Zurich, Switzerland)

A very special book.
"Apart from the beautiful pictures taken on the spot, moving, fun, unexpected, this book is a very personal testimony of the photographer, who shares with us the history of the photos and what she lived at those times."
Clara (Paris, France)

Stunning photos of birds in the magnificent scenery of Florida.
"Photos that make you travel! A beautiful incursion into the heart of Florida. Incredible photos that capture moments of life in this bird paradise!"
Xavier (Paris, France)

"Good friend, fellow photographer, soul sister Carole Devillers just photographed, wrote, published a beautiful book on the birds of Florida. Birds have always been symbolic of the soul's journey and how it flies home.....and this book is filled with beautiful such quotes, and information about these birds. It's more than just a picture book. Here's the info where you can purchase one and help support her efforts and passions so she can continue producing more inspiring works."
Jim Fagiolo (Indianola, WA)

"I have enjoyed Carole's beautiful photos for some 45 years. Most importantly, she photographed my wedding! Her photographic coverage and diversity are stunning! From the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque to her stories in National Geographic featuring the various tribes in the Sahel, the Wayana Indians in French Guiana and the vodou pilgrimages in Haiti, to her journeys to India and France. For me, her recent book "ICONIC BIRDS OF FLORIDA" represents her best work. Her sheer enthusiasm for these magnificent creatures comes thru in every single photo. In addition, Carole is a fine writer and her descriptions and stories woven thru the book are interesting and touching. Carole writes from her heart and her wonderful work would be enjoyed by people of all ages. This book would make a superb gift and I hope it is picked up by book stores and the tourist trade! It is a GEM!"
Barbara E. Ruddy (Savannah, GA)

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